Evolution of Darkness

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G'day all,

Evolution of Darkness

Michael Raaterova gave us the seven [-teen] darknesses of the uz:

>Primaeval is the empty Void which came from chaos, but was not of chaos.
>Firstborn is the Divider, which split the void into Space and the Abyss,
>which lies beyond the Shores of space.
>etc .etc.
>Could this be believed by Uz?

Yeah! And always thought trollish poetry was just grunts...
I'd like to pinch this for Notes from Nochet in a future issue of Tales
if I may?

Putting Sun County in the Bin

Stephen Martin:
>As I said at length in my Cold Sun article, written mostly as a
>reassurance to you MOB, KoS does NOT "bin" Sun County. It merely
>requires that we evaluate what certain parts of that book mean.

It was actually Nick Brooke asking this, not me. I appreciated your effort
at the time, but I'm afraid my interest in the ramifications of the Gregging
of Sun County ebbed long ago. Call me an ignorant Sun Domer, but I believe
what the Light Priests tell me (eg. what's in the book).

True Heroes?

M Anderson:
>Once again I delurk to offer a few words..

Marion only graces us with something every once-in-a-while, but ah! when she

>Can a hero truly be a hero if they claim to be one?

The only one that possibly qualifies is Sir Ethilrist (see RQ Companion): he
was aptly described in a Notes From Nochet entry as "a self-made man who
worships his own creator." But, even in the case of Ethilrist, I agree with
Marion when she says:
>Heroes are made so by those they affect, by their deeds, or words, or way
>of life. Many are not heroes until after their death. Fortunately in
>Glorantha, death is not final, and godhood is a possibility for those
>hailed as heroes who come to the notice of the other gods.


Stephen Martin:
>Now, I know some people are going to blast me for saying this, but oh
>well. No matter how stupid something sounds which I (or someone else)
>says, let's all try to think a bit before we reply. Some of the threads
>have a tendency to get hostile. While they may not have been intended
>that way, they _can_ be taken that way, and that will do nothing but
>intimidate or anger the targets and/or other readers.
>I recently posted a similar message on the Dragon Pass Digest (now
>defunct and lifeless again). I don't think I should have to say this, and
>I am as guilty of it as anyone, but let's all chill out a bit, eh?

Steve, with the greatest respect (as Sir Humphrey Appleby might say), all
I detect at the moment is the usual vigorous intellectual cut-and-thrust
that has gone on here for hundreds and hundreds of issues before you
recently joined us. While we ain't had one for some time, there is the odd
flare up every once in a while, eg. the Blue Vadeli wars. Aye lads, now
there was a *serious* punch-up!



>From the Notes From Nochet files:
(XXIX. 21-026.1) "Oh raven steed, whose fortune it is to spread the
golden thighs and god-like firm convexities of the divine
Majesty...." begins a panegyric, praising the horse of Guilmarn the
Fat, king of Seshnela.


End of Glorantha Digest V4 #85

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