modest heroes?

From: Andrew Joelson (
Date: Thu 16 Jan 1997 - 15:25:14 EET

Marion Anderson:

> Can a hero truly be a hero if they claim to be one?

        Certainly. The modest hero is mostly a Christian concept.
Take a look at Beowulf. The hero loses a swimming contest, and as
an excuse speaks of the seven sea monsters that attacked him during
the race. Of course killing them all slowed him down!
        Look at Greek mythology for another example. Jason sets
of on a Quest, and puts out a blanket invitation for heroes to
come and help him! A whole crew shows up, clamoring to be included
in his quest; including Hercules..... (Jason and the Argonauts,
for those of you who don't get the reference).
        In Glorantha terms, we come back to the idea of selfish/
selfless heroes. This has been discussed before on the digest,
and is a gray-scale sort of thing. Harrek & Sir Ethilrist are on
the selfish end of things, Hon-Eel and Hoom Hoolbiktu (sp?) on
the other.


Drink Orlanth Cola!

> How would the locals react if Argrath strode into their town and
> declaimed "I am a hero, follow me!" with no other proof?

        First, Argrath would probably do the whole "Wind Staves of
Orlanth" oratory bit, before asking anybody to follow him.
        Second, heroes generally have extremely high POW, and (but
not always) high Charisma. This is the sort of fellow that walks
into town and immeadiately has a crowd of people following him around,
wondering who he is. People can 'sense his heroic aura', so to speak.
        Having a widely-known rep, and star on her brow, makes this
fairly easy for Kallyr, I should think.....


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