Pigs, Whither Lightfore? and Martial Heler

From: Nigel Smith (ns10005@cam.ac.uk)
Date: Thu 16 Jan 1997 - 14:50:16 EET

Greetings all, and a (belated) Happy New Year.

Balazar and the Pigs:
Has been well covered now. Are/were there dragons to the northwest of
Balazar? If not, Mralator must have come from South of the Rockwoods,
though this doesn't narrow things down much

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David Cake says:

> You seen to have missed the point - the original question was 'is
> the God Yelmalio believed to be the same as the planet Lightfore?'.

Since I'm getting more than usually lost in this thread, can someone clear
something up for me? Is Lightfore, son of Polestar, most favoured
worshipper of Dayzatar (Wyrm's Footnotes/prints & GRoY) the same as
Arraz/Lightfore, one of the Two created by Dayzatar (tFS) and the same as
Lightfore the planet (GRoY)? Especially since the planet Lightfore is
always named by title and "its secret name remains a secret (if it was ever
known or agreed upon!)" (GRoY).

And Kargzant was defeated by Lightfore, followed by Antirius's rising
(GRoY), while the DHs recognise Lightfore the planet to be Antirius.

So either Lightfore wasn't Antirius, then was, while also being the son of
Polestar *and* created by Dayzatar *and* being that part of Yelm left after
the murder, or Lightfore is one or more individuals where Lightfore is a
title (like Argrath). Or some of the sources are wrong...

No wonder my head is spinning. What *has* been decided?

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Stephen M.:
>As for Heler being a martial deity, I am getting tired of arguing this
>point. In the very first place he was ever mentioned (WF 13), Heler is
>said to be a martial deity (though not a very effective one, I will

Nitpick: "Heler is usually depicted as a militant deity, but rarely
portrayed as an effective one" (WF13, p6). I would argue that militant and
martial are different, and thus Heler is *not* a martial diety - at least,
no more (and apparently less successfully) than the other non-warrior
members of the Orlanthi pantheon.

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To All:
Great stuff coming in. Is it that I got withdrawl symptoms over Xmas, or
has the quality here improved lately? Thanks for all the good ideas.




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