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Date: Thu 16 Jan 1997 - 15:55:50 EET

> When you start killing the heroes you've killed the wonder....

        I don't necessarily agree. Forgive me for delving into old RQ2
campaign memories, _but_
        My main character for many years was an up and coming Priest of
the Seven Mothers. His avowed goal appeared to be to become a Runemaster.
It was necessary once to explain to fellow gamers that becoming a Rune
Priest was reaching the first milestone. Becoming a Rune Lord was the
second! To become a Rune Master was what the character believed to be
the necessary preparation for going out and doing all the 'really cool'
stuff. (We would call it mid to high level heroquesting now). The
character wanted to travel north one year, and join one of the relief
columns to suport Kalikos IceBreaker. He fully intended to take on a
Hollri (a small one would do). Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera....
        This character fully intended to do the whole heroic bit, for
the Glory of the Red Moon Goddess.
        If other people set out to do this sort of thing, and the judge
is comfortable with it, then it sounds like MFG to me. Killing Harrek
(or the Crimson Bat) is terribly difficult, but I could see it as the
culmination of a campaign. Everybody dies gloriously...
        I can just see the hero-PCs pulling it off by yanking in Yara
Aranis & giving Sheng Seleris a new bunk-mate. And when all the fighting
is over, the guys look at their Humakti friend and realize he's fading
out. He gives them his grim little smile and says, "I have to go now.
I have put off this journey too long as it is."
        "But Hrothgar, what's happened to you?"
        "I died during the xxxx, but was unwilling to join Humakt until
this deed was completed. Humakt approved. Farwe......"

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