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Hi all

+ undeads
Inrodar Greydog
If the protection granted by Humakt works, he can still
be transformed into a mummy by Delecti, and since the Lismelder
don't have a high skill in undead lore they won't know the

Mad Head Ghosts
I've seen the darklight, mad head ghosts are undead while Thanatari
heads are undying.

+ Yelmalio
I think that Peter, Steven Martin and I will ever disagree on this.

Two countries can share a religion and still war on each other.
One RW example is France and Spain. Both countries were roman catholics
which mean that:
- - the people worship the same god
- - the religious hierarchy is common (bishops and cardinals are chosen
by the pope)
And still there were many wars between the two countries.

In Glorantha, even if two countries worship the same gods, they don't
have the same religious hierarchy.
For example, the Sun Dome in Prax has few links with the Sun Dome in Sartar.
And these two states can be on opposite sides during a war, even if both
are Yelmalio theocracies.
The Dara Happan can share mythos with the elves, but if an elven forest is
hampering the rice paddies' extension, it will be razed.
The Grazers can share the sun god with the elves, and acknowledge the wood
goddess, their herds need pasture, and any wood that stands in the pastures
will be burned, even if it is an elven forest.
In the same way, if an elven forest needs more area, the nearby humans
will be driven off or killed, even if they are sky worshipers.

I think too that the Sun Domes don't have exactly the same mythos about
Yelmalio. Does this mean that they worship different gods?
I don't think so. They are only vile heretics.

The same thing is true IMO for many gods.

Maybe I should not have shouted my disagreement.

+Killing heroes
I think that even Harrek is killable. He may even be forced to stay dead.
After all, in Dragon Pass, it is possible, since his CF is only 20 while
the Crimson Bat's is only 6 <g>.
But the character who does it is bound to have an intersting live, since
he will replace Harrek as a key player in the hero war (remember, he killed
permanently Harrek).
And I do not say that the trick with the axe transe and the slash will
work, in fact I think that the poor axe maiden who try this will discover
that Harrek had thought about it too.
I agree with Martin on the protection against criticals, but a critical hit
with slash 100 (ie 100 d6 of damage) should wound and kill even Harrek.
After that he can always come back from Hell, like the other times he
was killed.

I don't think that the shambling hill is a part of Ralzakark, it is only a
monster in his arsenal.

+Heroquest with intent.
I think that any heroquest has undesirable side effects.
In the case of Androcles and the Lion, if a character heals the lion, he
will be counted as hostile (ie lion-friend) by the herbivores.
If he did it out of mercy, this will be the only side effect.

If he did it by cold calculation, the Lion will help him once, and be
hostile afterward since it was an obligation for the animal. The quester
will keep the herbivores' hostility since he healed the lion.
The character may do another heroquest to suppress those side effects.

This path is dangerous because the side effects will grow in magnitude with
each new quest done with cold calculation. This can go on until the
quester do quests that serve only to fight the side effects of his previous
quest. Then nature revolts against such an abuse.
Any similitude with a Gloranthan group is voluntary.



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