Oriflam, Ralzakark, Griselda

From: Thomas Doniol-Valcroze (tconrad@orbital.fr)
Date: Thu 16 Jan 1997 - 17:45:50 EET

Greetings everyone.
About Oriflam:
- --------------
Kindly answering to my bitter statement about my lack of old RQ
supplements, Andrew Joelson said:

>But on a more practical side, can somebody get Thomas the address
of Oriflam?

And Stephen P Martin gave it.

Thanks a lot.
But I thought that Oriflam was in charge with the translation of RQ
supplements into french. So, how will they be able to help me finding
old english-written stuff?

About unkillable Heroes and Ralzakark:
- --------------------------------------
In the current discussion about "Can Heroes, SuperHeroes and other
demi-Gods be killed by my PC?", and "If it has stats, it can be
killed", Ralzakark has been taken as an example.
Although I agree that Ralzakark should not, or cannot, be killed by
normal ways and normal characters, and that only some mere avatar
(i.e., his stats) can be slain, I would like to point out that,
according to Lords of Terror, Oddi the Keen will eventually grant him
final Death.
I know Ironbreaker is a mighty sword, but I think we are still talking
about powerful-but-normal characters, or maybe Heroes, but not

About Griselda:
- ---------------
I know this question will be the last nail in the coffin of my
ignorance, but let's ask it anyway: Who is Griselda?

I had seen her name in RoC (in the Gimpy's description) but I had not
paid any heed, then.
But she has been mentionned in a recent Digest, and seems to be
someone everybody has met at least once...
So, where is she described? Where can her stats be found? What has she

Yours, Thomas.

P.S. Did anyone notice how great, and how Gloranthan, the Orlanthi
discussion between Pam and Loren actually is?


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