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David the Cake:
>Michael Raatoveras piece on the Uz


Raatovera is possibly a composer, i don't know, but John Hughes once heard
his name on the radio and confused his name with mine, thinking maybe i was

>>Second is Substance, which filled space, and Wombhome, the safety within
>>Third is Hunger, the loss of substance, and Fear, the anticipation of hunger.
>>Fourth is Fullness, which kills hunger, and Joy, which kills fear.
> I don't really go for the definitions of Fear or Joy.
>Fear especially - I think troll fear is much more about fear of being eaten
>than fear of being hungry! Perhaps fear is the loss of safety? Or the
>anticipation of loss?

Hunger is the loss of Substance, the stuff of being and of life, and so
Hunger, which consumes you from the inside, is a herald of nonexistence.

Thus the anticipation of Hunger is the anticipation of dissipating into the
oblivion of the Void, which the Uz know only too well, which is why they
Fear it. It is not a fear of death, but of not-being. In my opinion Uz fear

is centred on the hungry darkness beyond Subere, the Void, the Black Eater,
which kills by consuming you from the inside but cannot itself be killed or
even combatted.

Fear and Hunger make the Uz appreciate the values of Fullness by eating
lots of food and the Joy which comes from being stuffed to bursting point.
Eating is a temporary escape from Hunger. Uz happiness is fundamentally
centred on food; i even think that the basis of Uz status is about being a
provider of food.

Personally i think the image of Hungry Darkness is the most scary monster
of them all. No wonder that shades have Fearshock. Makes you wonder what
nasty tricks could be up the Subere priestess sleeve.

> In general, I liked it.


MOB asked if he could pinch it for Notes from Nochet. MOB, you definitely can.

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