Harrek's dead IYC, long live Harrek IMC

From: danny bourne (d.bourne@dial.pipex.com)
Date: Thu 16 Jan 1997 - 20:16:23 EET

>"We are at war. War, and the acts of traitors, sometimes force us to
>make painful decisions. I am sorry for those who must give up their
>homes, and for those who die defending their homes from the enemy,
>but our path has been forced on us by our blood-enemies."
Violence is always an option - but there is always another way.

Dubious Smugface - Barntar cultist

WRT Martin Lawire

. Its not a gameworld where your meant to take over or build an
>Empire that transcends all others.

Just who says so? If X, or indeed myself, wants the 3rd age to end with an
overarching empire (and let's face it, all people on the side of good and
right want the Lunars to stuff up the Orlanthi good and proper), then why
not let your PCs be the ones to do it. How? Spend lots of game years &
eventually kill Harrek.

>all I'm trying to say is that its no longer Glorantha you're playing.

I refer you to Greg's notes in the back of the Genertela book. Yes it IS
Glorantha he's playing, it's HIS Glorantha. And you should be able to
accept that his alternate vision is just as valid as yours and that it's
not the type of campaign that you would want to play in. I wouldn't want to
play in a campaign which is totally to do with mythic resonance, had no
rules and meant that I never got to do any hack and slay. (Not that I'm
implying that your campaigns are like that, it's just an example).

 Glorantha the pleasure of which comes from exploring
>the _mythic_ and social implications of actions.

For you it does, perhaps not for the players in his campaign.
>At that scale, the cause and effect knock-ons become overwhelming. Changing a
>clans politics has much less impact except within the local area. It might
>change history a little but it won't unravel the whole mythic and historical
>weave that makes Glorantha so damn interesting.

Nor will it in this case, because the events will only happen in his
campaign, not everyone else's.

PS Expect some more dodgy doggerel in the not too near future.



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