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Nigel Smith wonders about the true identity of Lightfore. As a
Gloranthophile who has focused on solar cultures, here is my learned

>Is Lightfore not Antirius, then he was?
>Is he the son of Polestar?
>Was he created by Dayzatar?
>Was he that part of Yelm left after the murder?
>Is he one or more individuals where Lightfore is a title (like Argrath).

Yes. As well as anything else that has been attributed to him.

This is a much clearer area! Lewis was right on.

Hyenas mostly hunt larger game, or steal carcasses from other predators.
  They are specialized to scavenge. For their size, hyenas have the
stongest crushing jaws found among mammals, and the strongest stomach
acid. They can cruch down anything, and gain nutrients from it. In
this aspect, the Devourer is apporpriate. Also, a similarity between
hyenas and UZ seems obvious. (Nocturnal, hungry, matriarchal).

Hyenas also hunt live prey, mostly larger game. According to the
Discovery Channel, (source of all knowledge for the busy), packs of
hyenas have been known to have rivalries with prides of lions.

Jackals and other small canines subsist largely on rodents, lizards,
birds, and very young gazelle. They do not live in packs, but in small
family groups. (Canines form larger packs when they regularly hunt prey
much larger than themselves. Wolves are a good example of this.)

Therefore, Prax could have both hyenas and jackals, as many parts of
Africa do. However, in North America, wolves and coyotes often compete
for prey, as do coyotes and foxes. Generally, the larger species wins
out, unless it attracts too much negative attention from humans, (as
wolves do), or if one has a generous supply of tasty critters too big
for the other - coyotes eating cats, for example, leaves room for foxes.
 This means that, in your Gloranthan ecosystems, you could have foxes
and wolves living together, but probably not foxes and coyotes.

Anyone have any ideas what the Pelorian "foxaret" might be like?



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