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Date: Thu 16 Jan 1997 - 16:13:47 EET

M Anderson <> observed:

> There has been much written here recently about heroes, far too much to
> comment on each of the individual posts. It set me to thinking.....
> Can a hero truly be a hero if they claim to be one? (Please excuse me
> while I remove myself from Gloranthan heroes and use some RL examples
> here, it is a lot easier to refer to folks we all agree on, rather than
> ones that seem to be ephemeral in motive and style from post to post.)

He then goes on to discuss real-world heroes and heroics in a perfectly rational
and balanced way.

(I myself get high blood pressure every time I hear some overpaid pop star or
footballer referred to as a hero.)


1) On Glorantha, Hero has a specific theological/cosmological meaning. It
signifies a mortal who has put on immortality by an act of their own will, one
who has woven a new step into the Dance of the World and made themselves a
part of the Web of Arachne Solara.

2) Yes, on Glorantha, a braggart and a self publicist can be a true Hero. For
proof we need look no farther than Sir Ethilrist.

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