Scenarios for Opening Gaming

From: Hal Bowman (
Date: Thu 16 Jan 1997 - 23:47:48 EET

Howdy all!

Hal and Karen Bowman announce that they are going to bring a scenario for
play in the "Open Gaming" area of the Con. We make no claims about its
greatness, other than that the folks who've played in it have had a good
        How Lake Day Came to Be...or Jack and Torga
        A light, funny and fluffy tale of how a group of
        young folks save their village by undertaking a
        small heroquest. Lots of humor. Bears a strong resemblance to
        a famous fairy-tale.

This scenario is light and fluffy, good for beginners, and has no
Gloranthan mythical significance whatsoever. It is pretty short, and
works best with 3-4 (5 at most) players. Can be played drunk or hungover
(which seems to be any issue...). We expect not more that 2 hours to play
(3 at most). We use super simple house HQ rules (and pretty much allow
folks to do the MGF thing anyway), which are just the RQ rules with a
small twist.

Anyone who is interested should email us at
and should suggest a time that might be good (we'll negotiate around
schedules). Also say whether you want a canned PC or will bring your own.
We can negotiate that as well.

Karen and Hal also have a Call of Cthulhu scenario for Open gaming, (or in
our room if necessary). This one takes longer (4 hour?), and is darker
and more serious. This is for 4 PC's and is set in the 1920's:
        If I should die before I wake...
        CoC set in 1920's New Orleans (may move to smaller LA venue).
        4 investigators get caught in the slimy tentacled embrace of the
        Mythos...Fun for all!

Please email as above for this scenario. PC's are pregenerated, but
substitutions are possible. For our sake, we will make the handouts, etc.
only if we get 4 folks for sure.



PS: We were thinking about submitting these formally, but we did not want
to miss playing the scheduled stuff. We expect that these will run before
(during the Seminar period) or after (on Friday night) the normal times.
We were also chicken about doing events with the Game designers right I'm a wimp.


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