Assembled Digestive Wisdom

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G'day all,

Assembled Digestive Wisdom

David Cake:
   >Proselytising - I am the Fan Guest of Honour at a local science fiction
   >convention. One of the indulgences of the position is I have secured an
   >hour to talk about Glorantha, and spread the word. Can I have some
   >suggestions from the assembled digestive wisdom as to how best get
   >across the glories of Glorantha in an hour?
   >Hopefully, I can then follow it up be running Tarsh War for
   >interested parties a few weeks later.

Congratulations, I hope you have fun!

I think the key element you could push is that Glorantha is a game world
collaboratively created by its fans, as is happening here. You could cite
some goofy examples - someone asked "Why are Sun Dome men
forbidden to wear women's clothes", and the load of whacky theories
that followed, etc. This would probably beat a lecture about the major
runes of Glorantha (with slides), which I once saw a crowd of interested
newcomers subjected to!

Heroism from a Farmer's POV

Pam Carlson, reacting to Loren Miller's "Any whom the lunars
kill are casualties of war, and heroes, hail them for their
>"....I am not afraid to abandon the safety of our steads for the rigors of
>the hills. Every year, I make sure our safeholds in the wilds are
>stocked with blankets and food. But to take my family into the barren
>hills, to listen to the babies whimper from the cold, and to burn my
>husband, that it is a decision _I_ will make.
>Theya Two-Mothers, Godia of the Varmandi, 1350-something

Touche! Perhaps the bravest thing those Orlanthi pinned up in the
temple could do would be to *give themselves up to the Lunars*,
sparing the innocent townsfolk dreadful repercussions...

A similar sort of situation erupted in the 'One High Priest Too Many'
scenario in STRANGERS IN PRAX. Maybe Princess Anderida could
come along and calm everything down like she did there?...

[And, hey, I really liked Loren's beefy response to Pam, in the Digest
just come to hand!]

Heroes Have Hit Points Too

Graham Wren:
>I always thought that because of critical hits, even Heroes could be
>killed. That is the charm about RQ: in D&D, Heroes don't HAVE to
>negotiate with mundane folk. They put whole towns to sleep or use
>bigger and bigger fireballs. In RQ, even the greatest of the great are
>not made so by hit points, but by their skills. I've played high level
>(non-Gloranthan) campaigns and low-to-Rune level Gloranthan games,
>and EVERYONE should worry about critical hits!

Absolutely! I include even unto Harrek in this! And I'm certain he could
be murdered in his bed, poisoned by duff mushrooms, die in a fit of
apoplexy, or kark it in countless other ways that, NPC that he is,
might be integral to the plot.

[Just in on the Digest!
Martin Laurie:
>Harrek and the others must have a defence against criticals because
>the laws of probability indicate that they would be very dead by now
The fact that they are NPCs - literary figures - keeps 'em alive. They die
when it suits the plot! Likewise, George McDonald Fraser's splendid
creation Harry Flashman should also be dead, given that he (unwittingly)
blundered through almost every scrape of note in the 19th century
history from Afghanistan to the Boxer Rebellion.]

Speaking as one who has already usurped the Lunar throne (in Chris
Gidlow's excellent mini-LARP "The Hunt for Red Storm Season"), I
know that Moonson himself is susceptible to a blade between the

Political Correctness
>I would say you are showing a "politically correct", Euro-centric bias
>here. Aren't there people on earth for whom violence, not humor, is the
>defining quality? Don't we venerate warriors more than comedians? How
>many more people collect guns than joke books?

Hmmm, you wouldn't be displaying a bit of Yanko-centric bias yourself,
would you Steve? Not all cultures have your society's manifest fixation with



>From the Notes from Nochet Files:
(XXIX 23.23.ponder) What does it mean when a man, unearthing an ancient
urn, buries his drinking flask?

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