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From: Peter Metcalfe (P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz)
Date: Fri 17 Jan 1997 - 06:21:45 EET

Marion Anderson:

>But how would
>those gods react to the adventurer who claims to be a hero to all they
>meet during their lifetime, as opposed to the adventurer who dies while
>unthinkingly trying to do something truly heroic in status?

Doing the former doesn't appear to have harmed Sir Ethilrist nor
his heroic status one bit. But then again, 'tis said that he
would be omnipotent but he has yet to learn the virtue of humility.

Seriously I think the people judge a hero by deeds, not words. The
opinions of the Gods are not as important for if the Hero does not
benefit the community by his actions, he becomes a enemy solely
known through a footnote (ie the aforementioned Sir Ethilrist) or
is even forgotten.

Whereas the Hero who is less powerful than Sir Ethilrist but
brings back the secret of making sliced bread (say) is going
to be renowned through history.

As for those that try but fail, Napolean had it best when
he said that 'Victory is fleeting but defeat is forever'
or something like that.

Owen Jones:

>A further thought/query. In the Cults of Prax (and elsewhere), mention is
>made of Yelmalios using Lightbringers in various rituals, often to the
>detriment of their health. Do other cults do this?

Yep. Thanatar wannabes are said to ritually murder sun worshippers,
storm bull people and Lhankor Mhy sages *just* to get initiated!
Humakti cultists on the Lead Cross Heroquest are said to slaughter
healers so they can get the aforementioned cross - this ritual was
banned in Sartar BTW. I'm sure every cult has something like this...

>your Humakti want's to learn whatever spell it is that turns his sword
>into a truely fearsome pigsticker, so has to capture a Yelmalio and
>then defeat him/her [...] Given that the sun _was_ brought back from
>hell, you might even allow the poor Yelmalian to be resurrected later
>(by a Lightbringer you've hired for the job?).

Such a cunning plan. Sadly Humakt would have to kill Old Man to get
this spell and as we all know, Old Man does not come back.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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