Schlock poetry

Date: Fri 17 Jan 1997 - 04:46:56 EET

G'day all,

Schlock Poetry

Danny, poet laureate of the Digest:

>Don't say I didn't warn you
>Made up on the spur of the.... erm, translated in the 4th age by a
>Heortlander sage - reputedly the doomed words Harreck spoke as the Hero
>Wars began.

I got out kick out of these, esp. the second one, the hero wars prophecy
'related by MOBus Thrax, famous Danfive Xaron ex-member and reformed
ginaholic'. Can't think why he'd have that name though... Spooling
about as I am to beef up the Notes from Nochet file for future issues
of Tales, I'd like to pinch this 'un too if I may?

>Sorry about the waste of bandwidth, but I enjoy it
Give us more!

Erik's Undead part 1

Bloody excellent stuff, this! Erik's theories about undead would make a
mighty fine Lhankor Mhy/Sage thesis, particularly with Richard the Crippler's
field notes. Once again I'm shamelessly headhunting material for Reaching

>To be continued...
Yes please!

and on the subject of the undead:

Jean writes:
>Mad Head Ghosts
>I've seen the darklight, mad head ghosts are undead while Thanatari
>heads are undying.

The Daka Fal spell "Free Ghost" (see GoG p.26) frees a Mad Head Ghost.
The Humakt spell Turn Undead - which on a critical success will "destroy,
*release* or whatever" the target - lists skeletons, zombies, mummies, ghouls
and vampires but not ghosts (GoG p.42).

To my reckoning, ghosts are souls without bodies, while undead are animated
corpses without souls. Mad Heads sort of sit between the two - a ghost that
has been bound into its former body's severed head, but as they have a
*soul*, I don't think they register on Detect Undead, nor can they be
Turned. However, whether these foul abominations are undead or not is
probably academic to most Humakti anyway!



>From the Notes From Nochet files:
(XXIX.1/2-30-Kiva) The foul Thanatari are obliged upon initiation take on a
new name of a single word.


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