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Date: Fri 17 Jan 1997 - 06:24:59 EET

Michael Raaterova writes of the Darkness:

I like this! Got any more of this waiting in the wings?

>Hunger is the loss of Substance, the stuff of being and of life, and so
>Hunger, which consumes you from the inside, is a herald of nonexistence.
>Thus the anticipation of Hunger is the anticipation of dissipating into
>oblivion of the Void, which the Uz know only too well, which is why they
>Fear it. It is not a fear of death, but of not-being

Hmmm. Couple questions.

Could you thus say that trollish, er, procreation is linked closely to
eating, thus linking what Trollpak calls the big two motivations of all
uz? Ergo, since eating fills a troll and prevents non-existence, having
healthy children fills the world and prevents non-existence of the race?
Hunger is thus the desire for both food and to have children, and Fullness
is both a full bell and a full home?

Are "Substance" and "Fullness" close in nature, or is Fullness actually
the ability to put Substance to the proper (urp) use?

Does Hunger = Death, or the loss of Wonderhome? If so, might Sun/Pain come
before Hunger (it flows better IMO where you have it placed now, though).
Just curious.

And I second the notion that it's nice to see some uz threads running!

Guns: Not just for us Yanks, anymore:

Stephen Martin sez:
  >I would say you are showing a "politically correct", Euro-centric bias
  >here. Aren't there people on earth for whom violence, not humor, is the
  >defining quality? Don't we venerate warriors more than comedians?
  >Howmany more people collect guns than joke books?
And MOB replies:
>Hmmm, you wouldn't be displaying a bit of Yanko-centric bias yourself,
>would you Steve? Not all cultures have your society's manifest fixation
>with guns.

Having lived in the Balkans, I can assure you that there _are_ other
cultures that like guns, too. Even in Europe! <grin> Not being flippant --
since the Turks banned the Christians from owning weapons, gun collecting
after independence became popular (although, oddly enough, not with
everyone: I don't think the Roma or the Macos collect. I'm sure the Serbs
do, and I think the Montenegrans and rural Bulgarians, as well. Needless
to say, the post-WWII regimes helped put the boot to _this_ little
cultural pratice...). Okay. Enough useless history.

Maybe, because the major trollish cultures we know a lot about (Guhan,
Halikiv & Dakori Inkarth) were all based on conquest, violence plays a
bigger role in trollish affairs in these areas (just as in the Balkans
guns were used by bandits who opposed Ottoman rule, and thus became status
symbols)? Of course, just about every Surface trollish realm would be
based on conquest, it makes it hard to make comparisons... (I'm not sure
how nonviolent the Blue Moon Plateau is, since they kill anyone who goes
to find out. Er. There's the Trolls in Jrustrela and Pamalta, but I'm not
up to speed on them, I fear...)

Also maybe, the source material given portrays the trolls as violent
because Joe Human is far more likely to meet Ned the Zorak Zorani rather
than Bob the Boat Troll. We don't get to see their tender side: the
wives beating their husbands, culling the trollkin herds... er. <g>

Based on Michael Raaterova's prose, and going back to Peter Michaels
comments in GD-V4-71:

>I have been considering how the trolls, as a race, are described as "the
>Eaters" who are "preeminently devourers" in the world. Taking a bite of
>something and chewing it, especially for a race that doesn't particularly
>care whether the food is dead or not, is an inherently violent act. So,
>comedy can grasp the essence of humanity, it is _violence_ that can grasp
>the essence of the Uz.

Maybe "hunger" lies more at the essence of uzness. (uzanity? uzability?).
A troll who deals with their hunger in the best possible way might not be
violent because "violence in eating" is a reaction to fear of Hunger
(essentially overreacting to it, and thus gorging)? A well-balanced troll
is not afraid of Hunger, and can eat without such fear -- violence is ergo
a sign of an unbalanced troll? (Argh. No doubt the White Moonies and the
illuminates will be preaching this as soon as they hear of it...)

Or maybe we could think of "violence" as being just one reaction to
hunger, and just the one non-trolls see the most ("Hey! Don't eat me!
Aieee!") as opposed to the other "non-violent" forms. Not sure who the
other representatives of this would be.

But all this might work for ZZ being a trickster -- he brings Hunger(?) to
the Darkness by bringing Death (?), and is simultaneously the best able to
deal with it (by becoming a killing machine) and the worst (by becoming
overwhelmingly violent).

Hmmm. I'm having to think harder about the Uz than I have had to in a long
time. Thanks to those that are helping this along! <g>

James Frusetta
Department of History University of Maryland, College Park


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