Crimson Bat Biology...ugh.

Date: Fri 17 Jan 1997 - 11:34:53 EET

         I have a question about everybody's favorite chaos horror, the Steed
of the Goddess, the Great Bat. We all know that it eats creatures body and
soul, but...umm, what happens afterward? When ordinary organisms eat
something, there's a certain amount of waste products; is that true with the
Crimson Bat and if so, does that apply to the _spirit_ part too? Are the
physical waste products little piles of chaos (maybe gorps?) or ordinary

        I suppose I ask about that because I've never been terribly
comfortable with the notion of creature's souls being popped out of existance
by the Bat, particularly considering that it acts as a sort of vacuum cleaner
sucking up all spirits that have the bad luck to be near it. If the spirits
it eats are effectively being sucked into the Void it would seem that
anywhere the Bat goes is going to be POW short and perhaps a bit unstable.

        I hope that's not too qrotesque a question.

V.S. Greene : : Boston, near Arkham...


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