Mad Prax - Beyond Sun Dome (part #4)

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III. Melo Yelo
"Melo Yelo" is one really strange baboon. His baboon name is Garzeek,
but the Sun Domers started calling him "Melo Yelo" and the name has stuck.
Melo was drawn in from the Wastes by the glittering reflection of the Sun
Dome temple's golden roof, and became an instant believer. Trouble is,
although Melo wants to join, the racist light priests always chase him
off. However, he's convinced the cult of Yelmalio is his true calling,
and has been hanging around Sun County for a some time, hoping the priests
will take pity on him. As a symbol of his earnestness, Melo has had
himself completely shaven and his skin dyed bright yellow. He knows a
few stock phrases of Firespeech, like "Shine, Son-Worshipper",
"Dome Above!" and "Make me light, Brother".

Roleplaying Notes
You're like all baboons, man: laid-back and c-o-o-l (think of a
Rastafarian and you'll get the picture). And you got rhythm (except when
you're trying to walk on only your back legs).

What these humans get up to is pretty weird sometimes, but you figure
if you just imitate what they do, you'll look like a good Sun Domer too.
You know that Yelmalio forces them to obey all kinds of strange rules -
like only eating birdmeat but not eggs, and being kind to horses (this is
a real shame, 'cos you love to eat horse!) - so you'd better find out what
these rules are and follow them too.

You're pretty handy with your teeth, but Sun Domers don't bite so you've
gotta remember to use your spear (you sometimes forget in the thick of a
fight). Sun Domers don't go around on all fours either, so try your best
to stay on your back legs or perhaps on threes.

You really want to do something to impress those Sun Dome priests, so
they'll let you become a Yelmalio for real. The painting yourself yellow
trick didn't work, so what next?

What's Happening Now?
Dozing under a date palm just outside the temple gate, you got woken up
by the Alarm Bells at midnight. You didn't know the Sun Domers got up to
much at night, so you thought you'd scramble over the wall to find out.
With everyone rushing about everywhere, putting on armour, getting into
lines, shouting a lot, nobody took much notice of you until about dawn
you wandered past a big long building that had lots of things in it that
smelt good. One of the Sun Dome guys came at you with a spear, and despite
your protestations of innocence, has marched you at spear-point into a big
room full of gold and other fancy stuff. Maybe they're going to let you
join the cult after all!

Melo Yelo

Baboon male
Age 27

STR 22
CON 13
SIZ 12
INT 12
POW 15
DEX 21
APP 04

Move: 5 (all fours), 3 (on three legs), 1 (on hind legs)
Fatigue: 35
Hit Points: 13
Magic Points: 15
DEX sr 1 + SIZ sr 2 = 3
Dodge 68% (-ENC) = 64%

17-20 Head 19-20 1/4
14-16 L.F.Leg 17-18 1/3
11-13 R.F.Leg 15-16 1/3
08-10 ForeQ 10-14 1/5
05-07 HindQ 05-09 2/5
03-04 L.R.Leg 03-04 1/3
01-02 R.R.Leg 01-02 1/3

Travelling Gear: Total Encumbrance = 4. Fatigue = 31 (35 -4).
Leather skirt. 2-handed spear and gladius.

weapon sr attk/par% damage Enc/AP
2-headed spear 4 60/52 1d10+1+1d6 2/10
Gladius 5 32/27 1d6+1+1d6 1/10
Bite 6 78/-- 1d8+1d6 --/--
(Javelin) 1/5/9 52/-- 1d8+1d3 1/8
(Sling) 1 43/-- 1d8+1d3 .1/--

Spirit Magic (85%): Protection 2, Ironclaw 2, Light (1), Disrupt (1),
Mobility 2, Slow 1.

Skills: Climb 106%, Jump 76%, Swim 56%, Listen 57%, Scan 46%, Track 71%,
Hide 75%, Sneak 77%, Baboon Lore 23%, Human Lore 08%, Yelmalio Cult
Lore 05%.

Languages: Baboon 33/--, Praxian 33/66 (knot-writing), Pavic 19/--,
Firespeech 03/--.

Equipment: Leather pouch contains 2 days supply of "baboon"
food - nuts, berries, roots and a large, skinned water rat. Melo's
spear has a strap attached to the shaft, so it can be slung if he wants
to run on all fours.

Next (tomorrow - it's bed-time!): the remaining PCs - Mars Melus and Sarshas

>From the Notes From Nochet files:
(XXIX. 21-011-Lunar Battalia #17) The University Guards are notorious
for their inhuman savagery. The regiment originated from those followers
who guarded Raibanth University when Irripi Ontor was awarded his honorary


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