Mad Prax - Beyond Sun Dome (part #2)

Date: Fri 17 Jan 1997 - 15:44:52 EET

G'day all,

Here's the first of the player characters!



I. Yelanda Goldenlocks

Yelanda is one of the few women in the Yelmalio cult at the Sun Dome.
Although women are not barred from progression in the Yelmalio cult,
Yelanda has had to struggle hard against male prejudice to get this far.
She is eligible for rune lord (Light Lady) status in the cult, but
her applications have peremptorily refused by Lord Invictus, the Light
Captain and senior rune lord of Sun County.

Yesterday, her frustration finally got the better of her, and she
rashly challenged Lord Invictus to the Goldenhand Challenge, single
combat - if she won, she would get his golden armour and her promotion.
Clearly outclassed by the Light Captain, she lost, and is now
recuperating from her humiliating defeat in the Temple hospital.

Roleplaying Notes
Your appearance conforms to the Sun Dome ideal, with long blonde hair
and dark brown eyes. In fact, you're considered strikingly beautiful,
though it irks you when people would judge you by your appearance instead
of your abilities. This has helped drive you yourself on to where you
are today, on the verge of Light Lady-hood (but for resistance by the
males in the cult hierarchy). You miss genuine male companionship in your
life, because it's always hard to tell what a man's real intentions are when
he makes overtures of friendship; perhaps this explains your hot-temper.
You hate the nickname "Goldenlocks", but it has stuck. Your role model and
hero is Vega Goldbreath, the only female rune lord in the cult.

Yelanda is in a permanent, unlimited Mind Link with her allied spirit Bob.
This means they can telepathically communicate with each other, and use
each other's spells and magic points. They can even see through each
other's senses with a Concentration roll (INT x3). INT- or
morale-affecting spells cast against one of them passes through the Mind
Link to the other, but each character gets a chance to resist with their
own magic points.

What's Happening Now?
You were woken up in the middle of the night with a start by the Alarm
Gongs, but the Hospital Healer wouldn't let you get out of bed. You
spent an agitated time until dawn, listening to the crunching of feet
on the gravel of the parade area, and spear hafts knocking against
armour. Something big is afoot, but the Healer couldn't say what it was.
You tried asking Bob, but he couldn't tell you much either. At dawn, one
of the Count's orderlies came to demand your presence at the Meeting
House and, ignoring the protests of the Healers, you pulled yourself
painfully out of bed and hurriedly got your gear on. Maybe now you'll
find out what all the excitement is...

Yelanda Goldenlocks

Human female
Age 24
Acolyte of Yelmalio

STR 14
CON 10
SIZ 15
INT 16
POW 18
DEX 20
APP 18

SMove: 3
Fatigue: 23
Hit Points: 13
Magic Points: 18 + 16 allied spirit
DEX sr 1 + SIZ sr 2 = 3
Dodge: 88 (-ENC) = 65%

19-20 Head 20 0/5
16-18 L.A. 18-19 18/4
13-15 R.A. 16-17 9/4
  12 Chest 11-15 18/6
09-11 Abdm 07-10 18/5
05-08 L.L 04-06 9/5
01-04 R.L 01-03 9/5

Travelling Gear: Total Encumbrance = 23. Fatigue = 1 (24 - 23).
Plate over linen on right arm, and legs. Shield covers chest abdomen
and left arm.

weapon sr attk/par% damage Enc/AP
2 H spear & shield 5 103/-- 1d10+1+1d4 9/10+18
(Javelin) 1/5/9 92/-- 1d8+1d2 1/8
2 H spear 5 94/91 1d10+1+1d4 2/10
(1 H spear) 6 54/49 1d8+1+1d4 1/10
Hoplite Shield 7 30/50 1d6+1d4 7/18

Spirit Magic (90%): Light (1), Repair 2, Farsee 1, Fanaticism (1), Shimmer 3,
Countermagic 2, Bladesharp 4, Mobility 2, (known by Bob) Dispel Magic 2,
Endurance 1, Heal 5, Mindspeech 2, Glamour 3.

Divine Magic: Worship Yelmalio x1, Sunbright x1, Shield x2, Heal Wound x1,
Divination x1, Extension x1, Catseye x1.

Skills: Climb 77%, Jump 69%, Swim 36%, Ride Horse 23%, First Aid 55%,
Listen 91%, Scan 80%, Search 92%, Track 31%, Hide 51%, Sneak 67%,
Ceremony 56%,

Languages: Pavic 83/81, Firespeech 50/50.

Yelmalio Gifts and Geases: Mastery (90%) of 1-handed spear;
Raised DEX (3 points); Never speak to or help non-Light worshippers
in any way, Never wear any head protection, Remain Celibate every
Fireday, Never use a sword of any kind, Never use an axe of any kind,
Never permit a horse to suffer needlessly.

Special Items: Yelanda's sole magical item - a matrix for the Lightwall
spell, was taken as trophy by Lord Invictus after he beat her in the
Goldenhand Challenge.

Next: Bob Hawk, Yelanda's allied spirt!

>From the Notes From Nochet files:
(XXIX. 21-019:barbarian/custom) The Sambari take great care in laying a
table for meals because they believe that if two knives cross then swords
will cross in the near future.


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