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Date: Fri 17 Jan 1997 - 19:43:04 EET

> V.S. Greene : : Boston, near Arkham...

> I have a question about everybody's favorite chaos horror, the Steed
> of the Goddess, the Great Bat. We all know that it eats creatures body and
> soul, but...umm, what happens afterward? When ordinary organisms eat
> something, there's a certain amount of waste products; is that true with the
> Crimson Bat and if so, does that apply to the _spirit_ part too? Are the
> physical waste products little piles of chaos (maybe gorps?) or ordinary
> stuff?
Gorps sound great (have you ever seen or smelt pools of bat guano?)
I especially like them as normal bat dropping are high in amonia,
but the CB being chaotic has to dump acid!

> I suppose I ask about that because I've never been terribly
> comfortable with the notion of creature's souls being popped out of existance
> by the Bat, particularly considering that it acts as a sort of vacuum cleaner
> sucking up all spirits that have the bad luck to be near it. If the spirits
> it eats are effectively being sucked into the Void it would seem that

> anywhere the Bat goes is going to be POW short and perhaps a bit unstable.
Gorps would also account for where the POW went!

I really love this as now I can threaten those Storm Bullies with
more horrible than total anihilation! Just imagine how much a Storm
would like the idea of being turned into a gorp.

> I hope that's not too qrotesque a question.
What just a little bat poo and no necrophilia or worse!
Don't worry at all this is only a 2 at most on the Glorantha digest
grotesque scale.



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