Re: Crimson Bat Biology

From: Thomas Doniol-Valcroze (
Date: Fri 17 Jan 1997 - 20:22:33 EET

Greetings all.

About the Crimson Bat biology:
- ------------------------------
Chaos is often related to the Outer Void, and it's goal is to return
the World to nothing.
That's why I like the idea of the Crimson Bat being some kind of link
with the Outer Void. Some Black Hole in the fabric of the World,
through which everything vanish: matter and (magic) energy.
The things swallowed eventually reach the Void and then are
annihilated just like Matter and Anti-Matter annihilate each other
(and just like Chaos and Law when they meet).
That's why you don't find huge piles of chaos-tainted excrements.

All IMO, of course.

Yours, Thomas.

PS: Loren, my comment about your text (and Pam's) was not "flattery".
I just happened to like it.


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