Bat Shit

From: Michael Cule (
Date: Fri 17 Jan 1997 - 20:38:30 EET

Does the Bat shit in the woods?

Well, the answer can come in two ways:

1) The Bat is the equivalent of a Black Hole in the shape of a huge flying
mouse. Everything in. Nothing out. This is consistent with the description of
its Chaotic origins. The true horror of Chaos is that it destroys UTTERLY
bringing the Death that is beyond Death. (And yes, that is meant to be a very
disturbing thought.) This is the more consistent view.

2) On the other hand those of you concerned with MGF (you poor deluded fools:
do you think we do all this for Fun?) might want to allow things that live
but have no soul to be excreted by the Bat. Wraiths, maybe. Or just bad dreams.

Or how about a creature that is amorphous animate brown nothingness, that seeks
always to absorb the souls and essence of real, living beings but only succeeds
in disolving them down into corruption. The oozing mass of Bat Shit that can
only be contained in special dumps made of Moon Rock. The worst job in the
service of the Empire: cleaning up after the Bat......

I'm sorry. I think I have to go and lie down....

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