Fat or Preggers? Big UZ question.

From: Daniel McCluskey (Volt Comp) (a-daniem@microsoft.com)
Date: Fri 17 Jan 1997 - 21:14:57 EET

>From: James Frusetta <gerakkag@wam.umd.edu>
>Could you thus say that trollish, er, procreation is linked closely to
>eating, thus linking what Trollpak calls the big two motivations of all
>uz? Ergo, since eating fills a troll and prevents non-existence, having
>healthy children fills the world and prevents non-existence of the race?
>Hunger is thus the desire for both food and to have children, and Fullness
>is both a full bell and a full home?
I would argue that there is a definate link between hunger and pregnancy
for an Uz woman. But I think that it is Primarily more concrete than
the notion of a "full" home. Being Large is a priority for all Uz, and
pregnancy is a wonderful way to get REALLY big. It also seems
reasonable that a full womb would make it easier for the stomache(s) to
feel "full" (um, any RW human mothers care to verify/deny this? -- I'm
not really competent in this area...). So, even aside from the Strong
social pressures to procreate, any female Uz is likely to leap at any
chance to get to feel bloated and fat for a whole year (or whatever
gestation is for the Uz... I've forgotten.) Imagine the glory of having
a meal that actually GROWS in your tummy! Gotta make an Uz proud and

As a (probably politically incorrect) aside, I wonder if there is a
"certain time" that all male trolls dread when their wife is feeling
"all washed out" and "skinny..." and if all troll boys quickly learn
that the ONLY correct answer to "Honey, do I look fat?..." is "YES dear,
I was just noticing that you've been gaining weight! Your new diet is
really working!"

(who's desperately trying to fight his own recent trend towards looking
like a happy troll...)


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