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Marc helpfully points out that aardwolves are hyaenids.
Really!?! Nifty! I'll have to go look 'em up. There's one here in the
Seattle zoo, but you have to wait a while for him to venture into the

(BTW - I suggest anyone coming to the Victoria con in July plan to stop
at the Seattle Zoo is you have any interest in animals - our zoo really
is first class. So is the Vancouver Aquarium.)

>I don't think South America has a small canine like the coyote. I don't
think either the maned wolf or the bush dog qualifies.

I think foxes live in South America - at least, there is a patagonian
fox. Given the travelling capabilities and success of the canids, I'd
be surprised if foxes hadn't gotten to S. America.

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Since some of you seemed to enjoy the contrasting Orlanthi POV's...

"A man who will not name his tribe and clan must be an outlaw. He is
definately no kin to any here. He claims to be Walk as Orlanth? I have
known many men who made such a claim, men who were sworn enemies of my
clan, men who slew my brother, men who attacked my kinswomen like
cowards in the night. Are we slaves of the Emperor, that we should bow
and scrape to some clanless stranger because he claims a title?

"You speak of your courage and your brave deeds in war against your
enemies. These acts are indeed worthy of respect. But any man who
Walks as Orlanth should know that no man has the right to bring war to a
folk who have not chosen that path for themselves. To do so is unjust,
and unworthy of a Heortling leader.

Theya Two-Mothers

Note: The old Varmandi/pre-Sartar Orlanthi clan emphasis is no doubt
less centralized than is Orlanthi culture in 1615 - but probably not by
much. Theya's clan-centric worldview was one of the key factors
exploited by the Lunars.

In fact, in Jeff Richard's Taming of Dragon Pass campaign, our Varmandi
clan is surrounded by two hostile TRIBES, and several hostile clans.
Everybody hates us, and one of the tribes, the Malani - especially the
Orleving clan - have sworn to exterminate us. Most of our attempts to
get help have ended in disaster, such as backing the losing side in the
Colymar civil war. We expect to have to permanently abandon our lands
and flee to the hills soon - we're just waiting until the overwhelming
force actually shows up.

A while ago, I pointed out to Jeff that if the Varmandi managed to
survive until 1600, we could side with the Lunars against all our
enemies. Jeff replied: "No good. According to KOS, the Orleving beat
you to it!"




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