The Crimson Bat

From: Howard Fielding (
Date: Fri 17 Jan 1997 - 22:15:30 EET

Fellow Bat-bait,

Just want to throw in my 2-cents on the Bat/Void/Stability question. This
seems like a good idea to me except that the POW drain applies only when it
Feeds. Perhaps it could be extended to the air it breathes and flys

Can the Bat be considered an Avatar of CHAOS, a physical presece of the
essence of chaos?

Besides being a "Glow Spot", I could see it as a "Portable Void".

Another thought...if POW is absorbed from the local environment by the Bat,
would POW be sucked into the void from further afield [like water down a
drain]. Would this cause a vortex on the Spirit-Plane? Visible by

Perhaps the Bat is feeding on the spirit-plane simultaneously as the
Material Plane?



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