Mad Prax - Beyond Sun Dome (part #7)

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I. What the Heck's Going On?

The action begins in the Meeting House of the Sun Dome temple. It is just
after dawn of Fireday, Harmony Week, Sea Season 1621.

Each player's character sheet describes what they're doing in the Meeting
House. These passages are repeated below. Give a quick paraphrase to set
the scene...

With fresh mounts at several points along the way, you got to the Sun
Dome Temple around midnight, and then had a hell of a time getting
admitted. When you finally got to see the Count, he read your message
and immediately began barking orders. Gongs were rung and guys with
bleary eyes were running all over the place, furiously strapping on
their armour. In the pandemonium you seem to have been forgotten,
and, tired, dirty and cold, having ridden half the night, you just curled
up in a corner of the Count's meeting house under your cloak. The Goddess
knows what the message said, but nobody wanted to answer your questions;
maybe you'll find out in the morning...

You were woken up in the middle of the night with a start by the Alarm
Gongs, but the Hospital Healer wouldn't let you get out of bed. You spent
an agitated time until dawn, listening to the crunching of feet on the gravel
of the parade area, and spear hafts knocking against armour. Something big
is afoot, but the Healer couldn't say what it was. You tried asking Bob,
but he couldn't tell you much either. At dawn, one of the Count's
orderlies came to demand your presence at the Meeting House and, ignoring
the protests of the Healers, you pulled yourself painfully out of bed
and hurriedly got your gear on. Maybe now you'll find out what all
the excitement is...

Bob Hawk
With your mistress out of action for a while, you got to spend the night
in the Hawk Mews with the other cult birds, and there was the prospect
of joining Invictus's hunting party tomorrow! This was all thrown out of
whack by the sounding of the temple alarm at midnight. Between then and
dawn, the rune lords and other cult nobs came to collect their familiars
and birds, all kitted out in battle gear. Annoyed that you weren't part
of the action, you slipped out of the Mews for a fly around. It seems
that a large force were assembling and heading west towards the river.
None of the birds you spoke to could tell you why, and Goldi wasn't much
help, shut up in the Hospital. When dawn came you got a summons from
Goldie to meet here in the Count's presence chamber and so (stopping only to
swoop down and breakfast on a rat skulking near the granaries), you winged
it to your mistress's side...

Melo Yelo
Dozing under a date palm just outside the temple gate, you got woken up
by the Alarm Bells at midnight. You didn't know the Sun Domers got up to
much at night, so you thought you'd scramble over the wall to find out.
With everyone rushing about everywhere, putting on armour, getting into
lines, shouting a lot, nobody took much notice of you until about dawn
you wandered past a big long building that had lots of things in it that
smelt good. One of the Sun Dome guys came at you with a spear, and
despite your protestations of innocence, has marched you at spear-point
into a big room full of gold and other fancy stuff. Maybe they're going
to let you join the cult after all!

You were standing on guard duty at the rear cellar door when the temple
alarm bells. "Sun Above!", you thought, "what could it be, a nomad raid?
trolls attacking?" The sleepy-eyed temple cellarer later came to say all
was fine, but spent the rest of the night supervising the loading of
supplies down at the front entrance of the cellars. Meanwhile, you kept
at your post. Close to dawn, you spotted a strange figure skulking
around in shadows. When you challenged it, you found it to be that
damn baboon who's always hanging the temple and making a nuisance of
itself. Thinking it was probably trying to steal from the cellars,
you've marched it into the Count's presence chamber for judgement...

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>From the Notes From Nochet files:
(XXIX.21.018.epitaph) There was never an admiral so brave as Lord Raza the
Fang of Wachaza, whose Holy Country fleet was sunk by the battle-junks of
the Kralori last century. In the final engagement the hero lost both
legs to powerful dragon-magic, yet disdained to leave the bridge. Instead
he had himself sat in a barrel of chaff, and continued to oversee the
closing action until his flagship went down with all hands.


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