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Date: Sat 18 Jan 1997 - 01:36:46 EET

Martin writes:

>Well this is true but heroes are created by events
>which they often have little control over, events that focus massive forces of
>mythic and social pressure upon them to make them what they are.

 Quite so. Therefore, a lot of the burden rests with the GM to determine
whether these one-in-a-million chances happen to your players. Hey presto!!
Instant Campaign-Power-Level-Thermostat!!

> Harrek has waged war and done things that have
>_made_ him into Harrek the Berserk.

 Hmm, intresting point made. Was Harrek before Herodom noticeably different
from Harrek afterwards? What would the change be? To link in with the
personality traits debate, this is what I feel a HeroQuesting system should
be like. I don't like trait systems, but I would like to see something that
*reflected* how the character roleplays rather than offering any form of
constriction. As you advance into HeroDom your characters loose what would
be loosely known as Free Will and cease to change. To become a Hero you have
to loose your potential. But then that's another debate.

>There has to be a cost to a benefit and that
>the problem with most high powered PCs that seperates them from the NPC.

 I do recall IMG a reasonably high level character that still suffered from
an age old treasonous acts. No matter what he did, he was still hated, still
reviled, his name calling up bad tastes. After his friends deserted him,
when they discovered the limits of his true, meglomaniac nature, he (the
character, that is) made the decision to leave the campaign. All Heroes
change, and in a long lasting game part of the joy is watching the change.

>It may also be a question of scale. Remember the fuss I had to cope with over
>the Onslaught character stats from the Deville stories? Many people found
>Onslaught to be utterly Gross and many considered him way better than Argrath.
>This was amazing to me but then I play mostly at the 100% level for my PCs and
>consider only Rune Levels of 200%+ to be true weapons masters. Hence someone
>like Harrek will be way beyond even that level.

 I hold with your theory. "Gross is Good" :) Well, not wuite. But I see
Glorantha as a land of Heroism, mystical spells wrought across centuries,
cities that literally glow with their own inner magic (a.k.a. Glamour), and
other grandiose beings. I don't think they're *commonplace*, but defintely
there to be encountered. I would see the Court of Argrath composed almost
entirely of such Heroes.

>I just don't see there being that many people of that ability in the entire
>universe of Glorantha short of the heroplane. There's a reason that most
>end up there you know, the material plane would be wiped if they were all
on it.

 I think that GLorantha has an in built limiting factor. Heroes meet Heroes,
Rune Lords meet Rune lords, initiates meet initiates etc... They balance
out. Anyhow, this is the Hero Wars, everything *is* going critical....

Nick E.

(P.S. My players just *loved* meeting Onslaught IMG.....)
Nick the Broo Shaman of Thed

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