Mad Prax - Beyond Sun Dome (part #9)

Date: Sat 18 Jan 1997 - 02:36:47 EET

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Here's the next 4 scenes of Mad Prax, all quick 'uns...



I. Setting Off
Everyone knows that the town of Harpoon is on the River of Cradles, about
20 kilometers from the Sun Dome temple. The quickest route is to follow
the Pavis road to the turn-off at Haymon's Gate. The whole journey should
take about 6 hours. It might chagrin Sarshas to learn that the others are
going to travel on foot, as Sun Domers no longer ride. He can still take
his horse if he wishes.

The town of Harpoon is famous for great spear-throwing machine, which is
used to prevent marauding sea monsters or pirates coming further
up-river. Yelanda actually saw the machine in action once, during her
days in the militia. It's mounted high on a cliff and shoots huge
arrows over many hundreds of meters.

It is up to Yelanda to organize her party. Despite the Count's words,
anyone could carry the pack containing the rings, which weighs a total of
13 ENC. It could conceivably be slung onto the horse as well. Yelanda
may wish Mars or someone else to carry her javelins (remind her that
Light Servants usually get some flunky to do these things). She may even
demand to ride Sarshas's horse, as leader of the group.

The road is well-made and winds through flat farmland with the occasional
gentle hill. It is quite cool, and the sky is cloudy: the clouds over
the distant ranges look dark and ominous.


I. Grumbling Farmers
Farmers are busy at work preparing the soil for the spring planting (Mars
may grumble its time he should be getting down to this himself). As the
PCs approach, they can observed fitfully trying hide an ox from view
(by standing in front of it and whistling innocently, hiding it behind
a haystack, etc.) If questioned, they can report on the huge host
that travelled down the road during the night, and how Templars came
and commandeered every oxen in the district. This detail is repeated
by all farmers along the way.


I. Crying Like Refugees
The party encounters a group of peasants heading past them down the road,
all carrying their worldly goods on wheelbarrows, in baskets etc. They
say they are fleeing the invading Lunars - why else would the entire Sun
Dome Templar forces be rushing to the borders in the middle of the
night? Various wild rumours abound, eg.

   *The Crimson Bat is coming, flee before it eats you!

   *The Lunars are going to defile the Sun Dome, and carry off its

   *Lunar soldiers are killing all the men, raping all the women and
    spitting babies on their scimitars!

When the peasants see Sarshas, they begin hurling insults and start picking
up rocks. It is up to Yelanda to defuse what could become an ugly
situation, and ensure no Sun County citizens get hurt.

Note that a wheelbarrow could be used to carry the rings, peasants could
be impressed into service, etc.


I. Flying Free!

As the day progresses the clouds grow thicker, and darker. It looks like
it will begin to rain before they'll get to Harpoon.

If Bob is flying free, or smarting on Yelanda's arms, he notices some
movement in the barley stubble in a field to the right. Scan: it's
probably a quail or some other small flightless game bird. Emphasize that
its been ages since he's been allowed to go hunting. Does his mistress
forbid him? Do he ignore her anyway?

If Bob goes after the bird, describe the fabulous feeling he gets focussing
his eyes on his quarry, narrowing the world down to the hunter and the
hunted, followed by the mighty rush of wind through his feathers as he
streams down at his victim.

Meanwhile, with Bob distracted, the party mounts a slight hill and
comes across the following scene:

(If Yelanda somehow reins Bob in, and keeps him on flying watch, the
party get some forewarning, and you can describe to them the dying
seconds of the combat. If Bob quickly swoops down to within spell range,
he may be able to save the horse or attempt to Heal the rider.
Otherwise, afterwards Yelanda will get a great opportunity to chew Bob
out for not staying on task).

Next: Mad Prax makes his appearance!!

>From the Notes from Nochet files:
(XXIX.12-60) It is told by the fishermen of Fronela that when the World
Spike exploded and left a gaping hole at the centre of the world all
the seas and rivers changed their course to fill this void. This is why
rivers flow towards the sea. But nobody told Sir Salmon and this is why,
to this day, salmon still travel upriver to spawn. So much for the wisdom
of the salmon. Pug the Perspicacious.


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