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Has anyone given any thought to how Alakoring actually broke dragons and
earned his title? He managed to physically kill Drang, and he introduced
the (presumably Ralian) idea that tribal kings did not owe allegiance to
any larger institution, including the Cult of Orlanth.

A traditional way to fight dragons is with bags of wind (see Vadrus vs
Enkoshons in Wyrms Footprints* or "Orlanth and Aroka" in King of Sartar) so

he probably has a spell like:

Enchant Bag 1 point, ritual, reusable, stackable
This ritual creates a leather bag which is capable of holding a wind.
        For each point of spell used, one air spirit can be captured in the
bag, using normal binding rules.
        The bag can also be used to capture a gust of wind. Match the
user's POW against the wind's STR -- success means the wind has been
captured in the bag and can be released later. Each extra point of spell
used to create the bag reduces the wind's STR by 20 for purposes of
capturing it.

But I suspect there's more than just this. Could he somehow make the air
reject a dragon in flight?

BTW, in my game, I'm planning to make Vengeful one of the cult virtues, and
to require Ritual (Ceremony for you RQ3 players) since a certain amount of
this wind bag stuff is performing heroquests. And the subcult is coming out
as sort of a cross between Orlanth Thunderous and Orlanth Adventerous. Note
that the Dragonbreaker subcult is distinct from Rex (I suspect Alakoring
founded the Rex subcult, and Dragonbreaker evolved out of people trying to
emulate Alakoring, rather than being a direct creation of his).

* To tie in with a recent comment, Vadrus rescued Blue Woman from the water
demon, and ended up fathering Iphara on her. Orlanth rescued Heler from
Aroka the Blue Dragon. It's easy to see a possible connection between Blue

Woman and Heler.

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