Gloranthan Ephemeris

From: Stephen P Martin (
Date: Sat 18 Jan 1997 - 09:10:38 EET

To All Star Watchers --

Putting aside my differences with Nick, since the Ephemeris is going to
be available, I would like to point out a couple of errors in the
program. These are in no way faults of Nick -- as I mentioned before,
Greg had Nick make a change, which he later said was in error. Though, as
we all should know by now, nothing Greg says is guaranteed to last

Specifically, the positions of Yelm and Lightfore at any given time are
reversed in the Ephemeris. Although this makes reading the night-time sky
difficult (since it is covered in a daytime layer of blue), I believe
that printing it out should solve this.

Nick once mentioned a problem with printing out starmaps for certain
daytime hours. However, it is possible that the version posted is
somewhat later than the one I have, and so might be corrected.

Also, note that a number of planets do not show their proper period --
any planet with a two-year period is going to only show one of the two
years. Finally, for no reason I could determine, I believe Artia's period
is only one-half of what it should be -- unless I miscounted, she crosses
the sky in 4 weeks in the program, instead of the expected 8.

Hope this helps to keep people from getting confused -- for me, the main
point is just to watch the program at work, as it is -- it's great!

Stephen Martin
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