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Date: Sat 18 Jan 1997 - 10:52:30 EET

RE: Small predators of Prax:
My vote goes for the plucky mongoose. They're
native to plains, grassland, and light brush in Africa, so they'd probably
not have a problem in Prax.

Nick Brooke writes on the Undead of ZZ:

I like the connection. Might be better, IMO, to say that Zorak Zoran turns
the most devout and pious Bezerk ZZers into Zombies at death. These should
be superior Zombies in some way (maybe closer to Urain draugs?).

But saying all dead-while-Bezerking ZZers turn into Zombies makes the
cult even _more_ powerful (not that, as an uzophile, I _mind_ that :), and
calls into question whether or not the now-altered Create Zombie spell can
create non-ZZer zombies (so you can't make zombies out of your Orlanthi,
Solar and Elvish foes? Aw. But they make such cheap servants...). Plus,
it makes it damn difficult to resurrect a ZZer at times (then again, Uz
resurrection is damn rare at that...). IMO, the POW cost _is_ a little
high in the current spell(3 points + an average of 3 point sacrifice _per
zombie_ + MP. Yikes). <shrug>
Maybe, at the GM's decision, how pious a ZZer was reduces the POW
sacrifice (ergo, a pious troll might only need a 1 point sacrifice, while
a cowardly one might need a 5 point sacrifice). Currently, unless your

Death Lord has already sacrificed for it and has 3 points of POW floating
around (or an initiat makes the 6 point sacrifice for a one-use spell), I
can't see your average ZZer getting to be a Zombie (which is the
"typical" funeral? Ha.)aM_G (t^NZ
Anybody know why the change from RQ2? I don't have my old TrollPak handy,
but I thought it used to be j just a 2 or 3 point spell, reusable, no
further sacrifice. Seems like they went too far trying to balance it out
in RQ3....

Br_fX*Tn/3- 've always thought that the ZZers try to hoard their undead
(sparing only a few for tombs and defense) to use them on the battlefield
en masse... if properly rationed and maintained, even a minor temple might
be able to field a fair number of skeletons & zombies. Could make a big
difference in war time. Nicely balances out the fact that trolls (with a
low uzdo birthrate) probably _need_ to minimize casualties more than

BTW: I wonder if the difference in funeral practices between ZZ & KL ever
causes problems. ZZers become undead; KL expect to eat the dead. But
trolls don't (as I recall) like to eat the undead, and there's only one
body... (imagine the trollish relatives arguing, "I don't care what he
told your stupid cult, we're eating him and that's final.")

> Uz vs. dem
I love it!
Us uzhim say it's a big hockey game. So it's important to practice your
Goon skills in life, so you can mess up Yemalio's pretty face during the
End of Time Playoffs (hey, it's worth a major. And in the playoffs, the
penalties are always light, anyway.)

James Frusetta


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