Re: Gloranthan Ephemeris

From: David Weihe (
Date: Sun 19 Jan 1997 - 00:15:20 EET

> From: (Stephen P Martin)
> Putting aside my differences with Nick, since the Ephemeris is going to
> be available, I would like to point out a couple of errors in the
> program. These are in no way faults of Nick -- as I mentioned before,
> Greg had Nick make a change, which he later said was in error. Though, as
> we all should know by now, nothing Greg says is guaranteed to last
> forever.
> Specifically, the positions of Yelm and Lightfore at any given time are

> reversed in the Ephemeris. Although this makes reading the night-time sky
> difficult (since it is covered in a daytime layer of blue), I believe
> that printing it out should solve this.

Are you quite certain? I thought that he was starting the day at sundown,
like in the Hebrew calendar. Not having read any of the Starlore sources,
yet, I don't know that this is mythically right (I would think it exactly
wrong for Solar cultures, but who am I to say?), but my copy, downloaded
early this week, shows Lightfore during night (with black sky) and Yelm
during the day (with blue sky).

BTW, I understand why the official sources may have been reluctant to
have it public. It is so real a demonstration that any errors in it
could overwhelm the written documentation - if it had the year AS displayed
as well it would be used to confirm the recent suggestions of the
astronomical cause of the Reaching Moon/Unearthed Dragon disaster, and
"disprove" the Sunstop (which I assume is not displayed correctly :-).

Good job, Mr. Brooke. Now if you would just let the map portion be expandable
for larger screens, update the slower planets like Entekos hourly rather
than just daily, and ... just kidding, there.


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