Praxian Myth in Dara Happa

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Sun 19 Jan 1997 - 01:07:00 EET

All this Raven discussion seems to assume that there is no way that Praxian
myths could ever enter Dara Happa.

Fact is, we have one recorded influx of Praxians, along with their beasts
and presumably their myths, into Dara Happa, as it happens just before Mr
Plentonius wrote his book. Lots of Bison and Sable people remained after

Argentium Thriile and settled in the River Valley. Possibly also Impala
people, if so, their traces have been obscured or just not yet reported;
High Llamas or Morokanth don't seem to have participated.

The immigrating Praxian nomads simply took over the role of the horse-riding
warlords who ruled that part of Peloria since the Dawn. They swore

allegiance to the Dara Happan Emperor; how firmly they kept it may have varied.

Fact is that they became a fixture in Dara Happan nobility, and have
remained there since. By now (1621) they are Yelmites, have been so for
generations, and apart from strange aspects in their ancestor-worship,
involving strange beasts, are model Dara Happan patriarchs.

If they could adopt Dara Happan myth that completely, couldn't they have
slipped in facets of Praxian myth into official Dara Happan theology?
Especially since this was collected and fixed when they were present?


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