Re: Argan Argar Wants Peace?

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Sun 19 Jan 1997 - 01:07:00 EET

Nick Brooke (back in digest 4.76)

>I think if you lived next door to a troll empire on the surface world,
>you'd revise your opinion of Argan Argar. Those trollkin militia aren't
>just for show, y'know. It's only since the nobbling of Stygia and the
>Shadowlands that we've thought of Argan Argar as a god of "trolls being
>friendly to other folk" -- he used to be the troll god of Empires.

But Nick, surely you will agree that empires have peace as their goal. Pax
Romana, Lunar pacification, to mention just two phenomena.

Trolls being friendly to humans under the Only Old One may have been
overrated, but certainly the human friendliness towards trolls - even under
the Only Old One's supervision - wasn't that unanimous as the texts dug up
by Jalques de Galin (Jonstown Compendium in Troll Gods) make us believe.

The trollkin spearman units certainly helped ensure the peace imposed by the
Only Old One, and later by the Pharaoh as well, so why do you complain?

Dave Cake added (4.80):

>Well, not only is Argan Argar the troll empire building god, as
>Nick pointed out, but don't be fooled by that 'trader' idea. He may be the
>troll trade god, but the troll idea of how to make money out of trade
>includes things like military control of trade routes so they can forcibly
>extract tolls and control the trade. Which is a large part of why Tarkalor
>Trollkiller fought wars against the Kitori.

Which, while true, is similar to how the other trade cults work.

Issaries controls the markets with his spell, and the right to enter and
display one's goods. In Maniria the Trader Princes secured their roads by
taking lordship over the native barbarians close to their castles.

And Etyries thrives on import taxes, travel permits, etc...


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