Uzuz and Uzko, origins, strange theories

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Sun 19 Jan 1997 - 01:07:00 EET

James Frusetta in Glorantha Digest V4 #78

>In fact, reflecting on the violence = Uz thread, I may be protesting
>violence too much. Maybe the original mistress race trolls weren't violent
>(in fact, Trollpak implies they only ate basic chemicals and elements),
>but violence does seem to be solidly present in their society. Hmmm. And
>just cause uzuz was don't mean uzko is, I suppose. In fact, more hmmm, it
>seems like ZZ rises to power as the uzko appear and dominate, too; maybe
>there's a innate difference between uzko and uzuz -- the loss of Korasting
>encourages more violence, or something. <Shrug>

In fact, I believe that Zorak Zoran is the original model for all dark
trolls. the troll myth "Three Curious Spirits" has ZZ, AA and XU discover
unborn Fire (the text says Aether, but is a God Learner rendering; in
darktongue the name likely was something like "hot death"), and ZZ who
stands way too close when uncovering the yet developing horror in Subere's

deeper halls gets terribly burnt. Compare this to Yelm's invasion of Hell,
where many trolls are terribly burnt, and end up as hurt-trolls aka dark
trolls (uzko). ZZ was the first hurt-troll.

A puzzling role is that of Argan Argar in this myth. Elsewhere Godlearner
Monomyth states that he was born on the flight of the forces of Hell towards
the surface, yet he is included in this monomythically very early incident.
But then, has anybody ever wondered what was in the "sky" before the forces
of Fire and Light invaded it? I venture there was eternal night.

Am I the only one who wondered why the giants - especially the Good Giants,
Gonn Orta's kind - speak Darktongue? They lived in an age _before_ Sky and
plants when they fought their wars with the dragons. I wouldn't be
astonished if they worshipped Night besides their ancestral deities, He Who

Moves and "Annilla".


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