Mad Prax - Beyond Sun Dome (part #12)

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I. The Lunar Wyvern Rider
Just as the PCs trudge the last kilometer down the muddy track to Harpoon,
Bob (and any other character using Scan) notices a dark shape in the
sky, briefly silhouetted against the Red Moon. It is heading towards
the glow of the Sun Dome encampment ahead. If Bob flies to investigate,
or a character uses Farsee and Scan, they spot a man riding a
dragon-like creature with huge wings. This is an Imperial wyvern-rider,
bearing a message for Lord Invictus (that the Cradle has been taken at
Pavis, so the Sun Dome force may be stood down).

After delivering his message, the rider then wings it to the Sun Dome
Temple, to invite the Count up to Pavis to witness the looting of the

The wyvern is out of bow shot, but Bob may fly up to investigate. If he
gets too close, the wyvern might try to bite him, or lash out with its
barbed tail.


I. Harpoon & The Sun Dome Camp
All is abuzz when the PCs finally march into the village of Harpoon.
The nondescript settlement is now dwarfed by the large, neatly-arranged
camp the Sun Domers have pitched beside it, lit up by bonfires, torches
and magical illumination (eg. Lightwall spells hanging in the air above
the camp). Despite the blustery wind and intermittent rain,
Templars, militiamen and peasants rush about everywhere, marching,
drilling, and generally making themselves busy. There are hundreds
of oxen penned in a temporary enclosure, placidly chewing their cud
while they wonder what all the excitement is all about (does Melo Yelo
view these oxen as a huge self-serve meat-market?).

Up on the cliffs across the river, the PCs can see the great spear
casting machine from which the village of Harpoon got its name; in
the firelight a team works feverishly to prepare it.

At the center of all the activity, Lord Invictus, resplendent in his
golden armour, directs the action, and it is to him the PCs must report.
As they approach him, they see the wyvern land, its rider give Invictus
a message, and then fly off again, heading in the direction of the Sun
Dome Temple.

Invictus is too busy to give Yelanda the full-serve he thinks she
deserves, but can't resist a few barbs, carrying out the conversation
along the lines of:

"Ah, Yelanda, I see you've recovered from your injuries. I was wondering
which errand-"boy" (winks to the lads) the Count would send along with
the rings. I fear you may have wasted your time though dearie, we may not
need them after all, after this message I've just received." (Looking at
Melo Yelo with amusement) "Oh, and I see you've bought along another

Invictus's allied spirit Tercel, sitting on his arm, may take this
opportunity to hurl a few jibes at Bob.

A pair of burly Templars take the pack with the rings in it away, and
can be seen heading towards the spear-casting machine on the cliff.

If the characters report the strange circles, Invictus dispatches a
group of Templars to investigate the curious phenomenon.

Invictus is not prepared to discuss the nature of the expedition, but
promises the PCs a full briefing when the troops are rallied in the morning.
In the meantime he suggests they get some rest, and directs them towards
the mess area for a late dinner.

None of the Templars there know why they were called out and made to
march to Harpoon in the middle of the night, but repeat the rumours
and anti-Lunar prejudices from the earlier sections.

As they are eating their supper, the rumour passes through the camp
that the whole exercise is obviously just some sort of drill; most of
the magical lighting around the camp has been extinguished and Invictus
relaxes standing orders. Most Templars have been allowed to get some rest,
and are finding somewhere warm and dry to bunk down for the night. "With a
bit of luck", some Templars say, "we'll back at barracks by dusk
tomorrow." (Because of the message he received from the wyvern-rider,
Invictus considers it unnecessary to maintain his army in a state of

The characters must find somewhere in the camp to doss down for the
night. There is a severe shortage of tents for the officers. Yelanda might
be risking temptation if she lets Melo Yelo bunk down too close to the
oxen pens (or if she lets Sarshas share a tent with herself...)


I. Another Wyvern Rider
In the early hours of the morning, a random character is awakened by a
flapping sound, as another Imperial Wyvern Rider flies in and lands close
by the PCs. The Lunar rider dismounts and asks Yelanda to be taken to
Lord Invictus immediately. He asks another of the PCs (Sarshas, if he's
handy) to mind "Precious", his wyvern, while he's gone, and hands him the

"Precious" is a fearsome-looking beast, and quite frisky. Although it
snaps its jaws and flicks its barbed tail about, its firm cavalry training
helps restrain its temper. It won't attack anyone unless severely
provoked, and even then probably won't use its tail sting. Anyone
foolish enough to try riding "Precious" has their Ride Wyvern chance
(eg. 05% + manipulation bonus) to hang on, as the wyvern attempts to
throw him as if flies into the air.

The wyvern has been on the wing half the night, and is famished.
Wyverns like eating meat, especially small birds like Bob....

Play around with the wyvern in this scene as long as you like. Eventually,
the rider returns, mounts "Precious" and flies off, heading south.

Invictus is resting in his tent, but recieves the messenger prompty. As
soon as he reads the message he orders Yelanda to find a bugler and sound
the alarm.

II. Stats

"Precious" the Wyvern
Wyverns are about the size of a large horse, and have two legs, two wings, no
forelimbs and a long tail equipped with a venomous sting. This one is decked
out in Lunar livery, and is trained for riding.

STR 27
CON 19
SIZ 31
INT 05
POW 12
DEX 13

Move: 2/8 flying
Fatigue: 46
Hit Points: 25
Magic Points: 12
DEX sr 3 + SIZ sr 0 = 3

17-20 Head 19-20 7/9
15-16 L.Wing 17-18 7/7
13-14 R.Wing 15-16 7/7
 12 Tail 14 7/9
09-11 Chest 08-13 7/11
07-08 Abdm 05-07 7/9
04-06 L. Leg 03-04 7/9
01-03 R. Leg 01-02 7/9

weapon* sr attk/par% damage Enc/AP
Bite 6 50/-- 1d10+3d6 --/--
Sting 9 70/-- 1d6+3d6+POT19 poison tail
   *Note the wyvern both bites and stings in the same round, against one or
    two opponents.

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>From the Notes From Nochet files:
(XXIX.012-676/.poetry) An old Orlanthi oath: "By all that is truth and honour
I swear by my lungs that give me life, my legs that give me movement, my
mind that gives me magic, and by my hands that give me mastery that I will
give faith and fealty, until I am honourably released from this service,
or death take me, or the world shall end."
[Leonidas the Short, wind voice.]


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