Gloranthan references

From: Stephen P Martin (
Date: Sun 19 Jan 1997 - 04:00:09 EET

Hey all!

Let's not forget probably the oldest one, which David Hall pointed out to
me some years ago. In the first book of the Thieves World series, Poul
Anderson had one of his characters carry "Lunars" as his money.

Katherine Kerr is a friend of Greg's, and indeed the first edition of her
novel, "Daggerspell" listed Greg in the dedication/special thanks (though
the reprint did not, for some reason). She may have put some references
in, though I don't recall ever seeing one.

I suppose Greg Costikyan's novels might contain some RPG references,
though I have never even picked one of them up, and wouldn't know.

I'm out of ideas beyond this.

Stephen Martin
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