Transcendence and Chaos

Date: Sun 19 Jan 1997 - 08:16:45 EET

        In Digest #96, Peter Metcalf suggests that to the Lunars, the Bat
only comsumes/destroys the body and soul of its victims but in the process
releases the Transcendant part of the creatures. I like that, as it happens
to nearly match some of my thoughts on Illumination, the Dragon View of the
Universe, and so on.

        Think of it this way; if an Illuminate realises that death by Chaos
merely removes one from Glorantha but doesn't destroy him utterly he will
fear Chaos much less. He might be willing to work with or embrace Chaos, or
he will be far more courageous in fighting it. They could also recognise that

present-day Glorantha _shouldn't_ actually exist; that it was destined to be
destroyed but was preserved by the Gods Compromise; at least that's my
interpretation as to why the Celestial Court generally didn't resist the
destruction of the Spike if memory serves me correctly.

         This would seem to explain a lot about Illuminated actions, perhaps.

        Of course the Bat's dinner is still leaving Glorantha but so might be
Malkionis who go to Solace in Glory or the dead who go on with the Dragon
Emperor when he dies, for all practical purposes.

        Oh well, shoot down this clay pigeon at will. :)

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