Mad Prax - Beyond Sun Dome (part #16 - final)

Date: Sun 19 Jan 1997 - 10:14:01 EET

G'day all,

The final part - hurrah!

MAD PRAX - BEYOND SUN DOME (part #16 - final)


Although the Cradle got away, the PCs still have a chance of winning glory
if they acquitted themselves well. Dole out the rewards if you think
they deserved it.

Invictus's resistance to her promotion is removed. The next holy day finds
her in golden armour in front of the whole cult, inducted as the Sun
Dome's newest Light Lady.

Bob Hawk
Bob gets to bask in the glory of his mistress's promotion. Although the
other cult birds still occasionally rib him about having a woman as
mistress, they can only accord him respect because of his mistress's
bravery during the Cradle affair, not to mention his own contribution.

Melo Yelo
On the same day Yelanda is made a Light Lady, Melo is inducted as an
"honourary lay member" in the Yelmalio cult, and the priests assure him that
in his next life he will be reborn as pure human, so that he can become a
true son of the light. Melo earns the gift "Raised APP" and takes the
geases "Never eat the meat of horses" (nobody said the life of a Sun Domer
was easy).

Mar's contribution is considered beyond that expected of a simple
militiaman, and he is offered a place in the ranks of the Templars.
As a devoted family man, barracks life may not appeal to him, despite
the prestige and high pay. If he turns the offer down, the grateful cult
awards him an extra portion of cult land in its stead.

The Count heard of Sarshas's conduct at Harpoon. If Sarshas kept the Lunar
flag flying (so to speak), he becomes one of the few individuals who
acquitted themselves well in an otherwise highly embarrassing affair
for the Lunars. This earns Sarshas a promotion; unfortunately, in the
purge following the Cradle debacle, his fine reputation means that he
is one of the few in Sor Eel's administration that is not sent back to
the Heartlands in disgrace. With the new rank of Captain of the
Governor's Bodyguard, maybe a few more years in Pavis won't be all
that bad...


Mad Prax - Beyond Sun Dome
c.1991 M.O'Brien, portions inspired/gratuitously ripped off from
"Pavis", c.1983 Chaosium Inc.
Glorantha is the creation of Greg Stafford.
RuneQuest is the trademark for Avalon Hill's roleplaying game, etc. etc..

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Well, that's it! If I was writing this today, there'd certainly be things
I'd do differently - for example, I can't see any reason why the PCs couldn't
do things that would stop the Cradle dead in its tracks at Harpoon - but
I wrote it then, it was fun at the time, and perhaps ok enough to present
the way it is, but not worth the effort of a major revision. If it's for
personal use, I don't mind what you do to this material in future!



>From the Notes From Nochet files:
(XXIX.134.BK) The fabulous conceit of Sir Ethelrist, the immortal
Lord of Blackhorse County whose rise from humble beginnings to Herodom
is chronicled in his "History of my Black Horse Troop", is famous. It can
be truly said that he is a self-made man, who worships his creator.


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