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Date: Sun 19 Jan 1997 - 17:53:47 EET

Joerg Baumgartner writes:

>All this Raven discussion seems to assume that there is no way that
>Praxian myths could ever enter Dara Happa.
Good point. I think it's more likely that the Yelmies had their own myth
to explain Raven, and that the later introduction of Praxian myth would
be grafted on (if they appealed to the Dara Happan grafters). So I (now)
agree that there'd be different myths in different lands, with some
general agreement (either of him being a bad bird, or a connection with
death -- since he eats the dead.)

>In fact, I believe that Zorak Zoran is the original model for all uzdo
>where many trolls are terribly burnt, and end up as hurt-trolls aka dark
>trolls (uzko). ZZ was the first hurt-troll.

I wonder if there's a parallel between the development of the uzdo and the
(relative) decline of KL as Boss Deity of the Darkness? In Wonderhome,
IMO, KL and her kids were effectively in charge (at least according to
the trolls, who _do_ have a stake in it): the other darkness gods either
hadn't developed their powers or importance yet (ZZ, XU, Himile), were
subordinated (Sokazub and her descendants, the Dark Animals) or just
weren't interested (Subere, Xentha, Dehore -- maybe Styx and MV as well?))
I note that having descendents is the primary source of power for trolls,
which KL had in plenty (every single troll, in fact).

Right about the time ol' Yelm shows up, not _only_ do the lowly spirits
she used to rule take up more and more power, sometimes even superceding
her children (ZZ over Karrg), she loses some authority over Dark Animals,
and she loses Korasting. _Plus_, ZZ, XU & AA freely let in non-Trolls,
and most other cult not in her "lineage" let in non-Trolls on some basis.

Maybe the progression to uzdo reflects this -- her (relative) loss of
influence over Darkness (since uzdo deal with darkness less effectively
than uzuz).

James Frusetta


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