Argrath Dragonfriend

From: Thomas Doniol-Valcroze (
Date: Sun 19 Jan 1997 - 22:14:41 EET

Greetings, everyone.

Reading MOB's Mad Prax reminded me of some questions I wanted to ask:
In KoS (in the french version at least), it is said that, when Argrath
fought the Lunars in Pavis, defending the Cradle, he summoned some
Griffins to help him.
But later, still in KoS, when Argrath's relationships with Dragons are
mentionned, it is said that it was Wyverns that came to help the
Cradle's defenders on that day.

So, my first question is: Was it Wyverns or Griffins?
Griffins seem unlikely to me because of their link with the Yelmalio
cult. BTW, are Griffins related with Dragons? They do not seem like a
draconic race to me.
But Wyverns seem unlikely too, because of their links with Lunars.
Unless, of course, if it was the Lunars' Wyverns that Argrath summoned

to his help.

My second question is: Isn't it strange that draconic creatures came
to help Argrath while he was defending a Giant's Cradle? I always
thought that Giants and Dragons were old foes.

And my third question is: Has the Lunar assault on the Cradle been
really described somewhere? Has it been made playable as an adventure?
Somehow, I am afraid the answer will be something like: "Of course,
it's in the Pavis boxed set"...

Truly yours, Thomas.


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