Trinary Choice

From: Tim Ellis (
Date: Sun 19 Jan 1997 - 21:45:15 EET

Joerg says
>(Rather than the current Pendragon trait mechanic, which produces binary
>solutions, I'd prefer a set of rules which gives three options: obeisance to
>one side of the trait pair - free-willed choice - obeisance to the other
>side of the trait pair.)
The original concept of the trait roll (For Dragon Newts in WF)worked
like this, with a %age roll where, for example,(and this is from memory)
Valorous = 01-45, Cowardly 55-100. Faced with the choice of whether to
be valorous or cowardly the 'Newt rolled %age dice a score of 46-54
would allow a "free-willed" choice, other wise the "instinctive"
response was followed. I got the feeling this was to make Dragon Newts
more "alien" and unguessable rather than as a rule for Player Characters
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