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From: Henk.Langeveld@Holland.Sun.COM
Date: Mon 20 Jan 1997 - 00:52:25 EET about Mangled Prax - part #15:
> I'm not sure why some parts of my multiple-post Mad Prax - Beyond
> Sun Dome tournament appeared out of order; I assure you I *did*
> post them from here #1 through #16! Oh well, I did complain that
> I thought the Mad Prax plot was way too linear; I guess with the
> parts appearing out of order like this the plot ain't all that
> linear any more!

    And from the depths of the Mundane Lowlands.Yelm.Trade.
    a shadow rose, being the spirit of one of the lost Former
    Editors and Maintainers of the Gloranthan Digests.
    And a quiet voice was heard...

        Hi MOB, to answer your question: Patience.
        It is quite common for a final installment of a
        series to arrive before some others. Being
        smaller, it will typically traverse the web
        quicker. No surprise really.

        To All:

        MOB's problem illustrates the necessity for a
        separate distribution for longer documents.

        I would suggest that you contact the editor
        directly if you intend to post a message that
        needs to be split across several digests.

        This would enable the editor to collect all files
        and then post them separately in the correct order.
        This would also facilitate archiving such posts in
        a more accessible way, under there own index/title.

        Of course, the final word on this is for Shannon.

    ...and as quick as it came, the voice stopped, and
    the shadow retreated back into that maelstrom of
    things called job,home,family,career...

    ...and several voices spoke from afar, as if one...

            "...we're... waiting... for ....
                    you... Shannon...'


End of Glorantha Digest V4 #102

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