Age of Dinosaaurs & Zorak Zombies

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Date: Mon 20 Jan 1997 - 01:54:00 EET

In Digest V4 #101, Peter Metcalfe writes

>I don't really think the God Learner comsomology is correct when
>it says that there were no plants before the Green Age nor Sky
>before the Golden Age. That would be akin to assuming that there
>were no Mammals before the Age of the Dinosaurs - methinks the
>Ages should refer to a dominance of a particular 'rune' if at all.

I assume this is a RW reference (if not please tell me more about the
Gloranthan Age of Dinosaurs) in which case the assumption could be
correct, depending on how you define your terms - According to my text
book (which I admit nmay be a bit out of date) the first mammals didn't
appear until the end of the Triassic period - quite apart from which, I
would guess that if you asked a random selection of people, most would
agree with the assumption that there were no mammals (and smugly believe
they are smarter than most of the people who disagree and think
Dinosaurs were contemperaneous with cavemen and woolly mammoths). This
makes no difference on Earth of course, but a Gloranthan Heroquester who
believes there were no plants before the Green Age, and then goes back
to a pre-green age event will have to find no plants, otherwise they
will know they are not at the write time/place. Which means of course

that God Learner Cosmology may or may not be correct when it says. . .

Meanwhile, way back in Digest 97, James Frusetta asked

>Anybody know why the change from RQ2? I don't have my old TrollPak
>handy, but I thought it used to be j just a 2 or 3 point spell,
>reusable, no further sacrifice. Seems like they went too far trying
>to balance it out in RQ3....

My old Trollpack is handy, and I can confirm that in that ZZ gets Create
Skeleton as 1 Pt Reusable spell and Create Zombie as a 2pt reusable
spell. Both descriptions refer to being cast on "victims", so I suspect
they are not limited to being cast on ZZ members. Another guess is that
Beserkers who fight on beyond death as Zombies are those who succesfully
DI (I'm not sure whether one can normally use DI while beserk, but I
would allow it in this case...
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