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From: Peter Metcalfe (P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz)
Date: Mon 20 Jan 1997 - 02:20:19 EET


> Think of it this way; if an Illuminate realises that death by Chaos
>merely removes one from Glorantha but doesn't destroy him utterly he will
>fear Chaos much less. He might be willing to work with or embrace Chaos, or
>he will be far more courageous in fighting it.

This is my belief behind the Vampire Legion that guards the Red
Emperor. They are utterly fearless even when faced with items
that will ensure their material destruction (ie people armed
with Holy Water and Stakes) since they know that only reunion
with the Creator awaits them. It must be said that most vampires
don't believe the Lunars either IMO.
> Of course the Bat's dinner is still leaving Glorantha but so might be
>Malkionis who go to Solace in Glory or the dead who go on with the Dragon
>Emperor when he dies, for all practical purposes.

I've just been wondering where the Paradise of Celestial Reward
is (ie where the Good Kralori go to await the await the Passing
On). From the Saga of Ingolf, he goes to Kapertine (a draconic
nirvana) by being swallowed up by a Dragon. The connection
between this and my theory about the Bat should be apparent.
Now since Godunya is a Dragon, wouldn't the Paradise of Celestial
Reward be in his stomach? I've no doubt that the EWF fed its
Dragons by sending masses of humans waltzing to the music of
pied pipers into the gaping maws.

Of course, Good Orlanthi also know that the Malkioni practice
of sorcery destroys one's soul on death. Even those Aeolians
who claim to worship Orlanth are not to be found in the Halls
of Silence. Who believes their poxy tales of 'Solace'?

Stephen P Martin:

>Of course they could have, though you must remember that current (1621)
>solar mythology was "rebooted" by the publication of The Glorious
>ReAscent of Yelm in the late 5th or early 6th Wane. In other words, a
>purity movement swept through the land, and may have caused some of
>these myths to be officially decried and expurgated.

The GRAY was discovered by Emperor Yelmgatha and published then.
Thus the purification would have occurred during the first wane
considering the Carmanian influences were also junked. A more
comprehensive purification of the mythos took place during the
Karsdevanic Clarifications. Thus I don't see praxian influences
being decried during the restoration era. Pentan influences
on the other hand....

- --Peter Metcalfe


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