Argan Argar

From: David Cake (
Date: Mon 20 Jan 1997 - 07:54:33 EET

Argan Argar the not so peaceful
>Issaries controls the markets with his spell, and the right to enter and
>display one's goods. In Maniria the Trader Princes secured their roads by
>taking lordship over the native barbarians close to their castles.
>And Etyries thrives on import taxes, travel permits, etc...

        Issaries gives Issaries Markets a competitive advantage over other
markets with his spell - but the Issaries cult would not shut down other
markets with troops themselves. I don't think Etyries gets the money from
import taxes etc. themselves, though they might secure government
assistance. The point is that while Etyries and Issaries might not be
averse to getting someone else to use force on their behalf occasionally,
they are cults that are generally peaceful in their dealings and more
likely to outcompete their trading rivals, while Argan Argar are both
warriors and traders, for whom using military force for economic advantage
is standard business practice.
        Which is true of the trader princes as well, which doesn't disprove
the point at all. I wouldn't count them as peaceful folks either.



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