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Date: Mon 20 Jan 1997 - 05:18:55 EET

Steve Martin wrote

> I actually created a spell which _summoned_ a wind, the exact one
> determined by what day of the week you cast the spell.

What's the difference between summoning a wind and summoning a sylph?

> I would suggest you also can look to the Gloranthan Sky, where the
> Orlanth dragon-slaying myth is reenacted on a regular basis

So Alakoring is really a Lankoring seer who waited until the stars were
right before acting?

> I also once got the impression that Alakoring had _wrestled_ the dragon,
> and so gave his subcult a Windstrength spell

Could be amusing, since the stronger the wind, the stronger the warrior.

BTW, I've always thought that Ingolf and Alakoring never met (Ingolf wasn't
necessarily at the Drang disaster).

Peter Metcalfe suggests that "Become Large" was partly how Alakoring
defeated the dragon Drang (and Carl Fink suggests the Baths of Nelat). This
sounds to me like heroquest material; I'm looking for something his
followers can emulate in worship after he died.

Joerg wrote

> (Rather than the current Pendragon trait mechanic, which produces binary
> solutions, I'd prefer a set of rules which gives three options: obeisance to
> one side of the trait pair - free-willed choice - obeisance to the other
> side of the trait pair.)

In fact, Pendragon produces just the three you suggest. It's quite possible
that in an opposed trait roll, no trait wins the resolution, in which case
you have free choice.

And in practice, you have free choice most of the time, earning checks for
your behavior, rather than being asked to roll for everything.

Recently in our Pendragon games, characters have been not only given
personality checks, but skill checks, for things their players do.

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