RQ Font request

From: John P. Hughes (nysalor@spirit.com.au)
Date: Mon 20 Jan 1997 - 02:46:20 EET

Howdy folks

Ive just moved house AGAIN (grrrrrrr), and Im trying midst the boxes and
boxes and boxes, to redo the cards for my Snakepipes Edge storytelling
game, which will be running next weekend at Cancon.

My request for help is this: I dont have a copy of the WINDOWS version of
the Runequest Truetype font, and web searches havent helped. Soda seems to
have been rearranged, and existing links to the font on homepages lead

If someone has a copy of the font, could they please email me a copy, not
to this account but to crash@spirit.net.au, with a header ATT:John.

Thanks in Advance, Im off now to try and find the box with my jamies in it...




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