God Learners

From: Peter Metcalfe (P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz)
Date: Mon 20 Jan 1997 - 14:01:36 EET

Tim Ellis:

>makes no difference on Earth of course, but a Gloranthan Heroquester who
>believes there were no plants before the Green Age, and then goes back
>to a pre-green age event will have to find no plants, otherwise they
>will know they are not at the write time/place.

I don't think this is true because it leads to some downright
silly ideas. F'instance, Joe Hero goes back before the
Green Age. According to you, he should find no plants. So
what then is being eaten? Who believes that there were no
plants before the Green Age?

Also several heroes have gone back into the past and found
something new about the place they have visited. The
Wendarian Age discovered by Valare Addi is one. So I don't
think the idea of being in the wrong place would occur to
most heroquestors.

David Cake:

>These skills made it easy for the God Learners to
>collect knowledge about the heroplane, with relatively limited personal
>danger (the big difference between the God Learners and the Arkati, who
>collected knowledge about the heroplane at great personal risk, by simply
>heroquesting a lot).

What makes you think that the God Learner exploitation of the
Other Side was a piece of cake? Their Empire was founded on

Blood, Soil, Tears and Toil of the countless God Learners who
fought to free Seshnela from the Cruel Slavery of the Dark
Empire, to make the Seas open to all Men, to free Caladraland,
God Forgot and Esrolia from the Dragons. They fought tooth
and nail against the Damnable Krjalki wherever and whenever
they could be found and although their losses were grevious,
the God Learners never slacked from their manifest duty to make
Glorantha Human.

The Arkati innovation in HeroQuesting was the use of multiple
viewpoints. They could change from the path of a Malkioni
Knight to that of a Zorak Zorani Death Lord. It was this that
the God Learners used. The God Learners did not use all the
Arkati Secrets for some of them were tainted by filthy Gbajism.

Me>>They could be cruel or kind
>>whenever they chose, but it was a charade, a special mercurial mimicry
>>which they had discovered.

> 'mercurial mimicry' sounds more like Illumination, which I think
>was a small part of the God Learner arsenal, though sometimes an important

No, it isn't Illumination. The Illuminate never changes his
spots, the God Learners did. They could analyse the world by
using the RuneQuest Sight, seeing the multiform radiations
in terms of runic power. What they did was to use the RuneQuest
Sight to see within _themselves_. Thus they knew what it meant
to be Kind in terms of the Runes. Furthermore they knew how
to change the Soul's position in the Cosmic Matrix using the
Mobility Rune and then use the Stasis Rune to make the changes
as hard as adamant. Thus they could tailormake themselves to
suit whatever quest they wanted.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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