2nd age

From: Andrew Joelson (joelsona@cpdmfg.cig.mot.com)
Date: Mon 20 Jan 1997 - 15:49:26 EET

David Cake:
> c) the world fundamentally changed at the end of the Second Age?

        I am sorry to dissapoint you, but yes the world changed at the
end of the 2nd Age. This is one of the reasons the GLs were wiped out
so quickly. Magics that used to work for them didn't anymore. (This
is from Greg, so it Orlanthi Accurate).
        Is it possible that the _most_ of the GL's secret techniques
won't work anymore & the Gift Carriers were a one-time only occurance?

                Andrew Joelson

PS I was about to say "Come ask Greg this weekend at Glorantha Con IV's
    Lore Auction", when it occured to me that you dwell Down Under. You'll
    just have to wait for GC VI, I guess.

PPS Drink Orlanth Cola!


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