Ralian Ravens and ZZZ (Zorak Zorani Zombies)

From: Erik Sieurin (BV9521@utb.hb.se)
Date: Mon 20 Jan 1997 - 19:34:22 EET

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> >>From the Notes From Nochet files:
> >(XXIX.12-74.west.news.2) The Humakti temples of Ralios are unusual,
> >even heretical, in that they often use ravens as familiars, rather than
> >binding spirits into their swords as we do.
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> They also bind them into wolves, I believe, though that would be less
> common. Hey, here is another Raven myth -- let's start all over again!
> Just kidding.
IMC, the Humakti heroes have as one of their recurring nemeses a
Trickster, and thus they hunt Tricksters even more relentlessly than
others (who, IMOBNGS(1) do not go out of their way to do so unless
the Trickster is really dangerous or obnoxious). They have also
specifically HQ-ed and fought Raven the Trickster, which I associated
with Trickster-as-the Guy -Who-Spreads-Death-Just-For-The-Fun-Of-It.

They are currently planning a trek into Ralios, and boy are they going to
be miffed when they encounter the Western Heretics and find that they
ASSOCIATE with "trickster birds".
I thought of the Raven as the Scout of Humath, who first found Death
for him - and as a presage of him becoming Trickster, or perhaps he
everywhere IS the Trickster, I envisage him as wise-cracking and
sarcastic, the down-to-earth counterpart to Humath's honour and
serene attittude, the Falstaff to Humath's Henry iV (? forgot his

I also tend to view the Sartarite Humakt as emotionless, the Ralian
Humath as far less so (he's still as the storms, though moodier than
his brothers).

One thing about Zorak Zorani Zombies: according to one description I
read, part of the Great Troll experiment to battle the Trollkin Curse
was to mate female Darktrolls with the living dead warriors of Zorak
Zoran. A type of undead which can MATE (even during ritual
circumstances) - yowsie!

I actually like the concept, but it might be very Gregged now...

Look for a treatment of the idea in the coming installments of Erik's
Undead (delayed because the writer is too tired due to RW work, just
like the end of the story "The Gifts of the Lady"). And BTW, thanks
to those who liked it.

Erik Sieurin


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